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Loan Start07/17/2024
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Loan Start Date: Input the date for the loan to be made. Interest will be charged on the outstanding balance of the loan from this point forward. This is also when your loan term starts.
Term: Input the loan term in years. Term is the length of time you’ll have to repay the loan. Note that if the term is less than the amortization period, you’ll have a balloon payment due on the loan maturity date. Note that the term must be equal to or less than the amortization period for the calculator to work correctly.
Balloon Payment: This is the outstanding loan balance on the maturity date. This amount is calculated automatically based on the loan term and amortization period inputted.
Maturity Date: This represents the date the outstanding balance of your loan is due (i.e. the end of the loan term). This calculates automatically based on the loan start date and term inputted.
Amortization: Input the amortization period in years. This is the period of time it takes to pay off the loan if regular payments are made and assuming no interest only periods are inputted. For example, if you have a loan with an amortization period of 30 years, at the end of the 30 years, the outstanding loan balance is $0.
Interest Rate: Input the annual interest rate.
Interest Only Period: If applicable, input the number of months of interest only payments. In other words, no principal payments will be made during this period. If the loan should amortize on the first payment, leave this field at 0.
Interest Calculation Method: The calculator can handle three interest calculation methods. Select the desired calculation method from the calculator’s “Interest Calculation” dropdown menu.
  1. 30 / 360: Interest is calculated by taking the rate divided by 12, multiplied by the outstanding loan balance from the prior period.
  2. Actual / 365: Also known as 365 / 365, interest is calculated by taking the rate divided by 365, times the actual number of days in the month, multiplied by the outstanding loan balance from the prior period.
  3. Actual / 360: Also known as 365 / 360, interest is calculated by taking the rate divided by 360, times the actual number of days in the month, multiplied by the outstanding loan balance from the prior period.
Principal: Input the loan amount.
View Schedule: The amortization schedule can be viewed by month or by year. Select the desired view from the calculator’s “View Schedule” dropdown menu.
Exporting the Amortization Schedule: The amortization schedule can be exported to a PDF or Excel file. Just be sure to click “Export to PDF” or “Export to Excel”.